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Video Enhancement. Analysis. Court Reports.

Video evidence retrieval. Photographs from CCTV. Speed adjustment. Copies of footage. Easy to play effective courtroom presentation of video. Highlight evidence keeping juries engaged for trials and deliberations.

Preliminary assessment, recommendation of further action and estimate of costs for Free Legal Aid.

Mr Ó Lideadha’s enhancement of the poor quality CCTV footage played a crucial role in corroborating the Plaintiff’s version of events and consequently procuring a favourable settlement for the Plaintiff prior to the case coming on for hearing before the High Court. Eugene Smartt Solicitor

The forensic report by Feargal Ó Lideadha was a crucial factor in getting a direction of not guilty. His careful analysis and effective presentation of the video evidence was invaluable.”

Philip Hannon, solicitor

Feargal’s video edit effectively proved that the accused was innocent. On the first day of the trial, when the prosecuting Garda viewed the video edit, he accepted that the accused was innocent and the DPP entered a nolle prosequ.

James Mac Guill, solicitor

Feargal’s enhancement of the CCTV footage was very important in corroborating and explaining how our client had come to be injured in what was a low velocity impact.

Denis Ryan Solicitor, Keith Walsh Solicitors

As usual Feargal delivered a sterling service at very short notice. As a result of his work we were able to establish that in fact our client was not the person who had committed the offence and the charges against him were withdrawn.

Fahy Bambury Solicitors

Mr Ó Lideadha’s expertise, analysis and critique of the failures by the defendants to preserve CCTV, and crucially, his unearthing of an undisclosed video image, were important factors in achieving a favourable settlement as to damages.

Joe Burke (McCartan and Burke solicitors

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